Boronizing & Aluminizing Processes

Founded in 1987, VaporKote specializes in boronizing (Boriding) & aluminizing (calorizing) processes. Boronizing & aluminizing gas diffusion coatings are high temperature processes creating vapors from metal powders. VaporKote’s powder mixes are formulated on-site to ensure that our coatings meet exact customer requirements and hold to the highest quality standards. Our boronizing and aluminizing processes consistently outperform other surface treatments and more costly untreated materials by forming new and unique metallurgical alloys that protect the base metal.

We currently supply metal erosion and corrosion protective coating services to companies in the following industries:

● Oil production
● Petrochemical refining
● Aerospace
● Mining
● Pulp & Paper
● Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Historically not limited to just these industries, VaporKote’s boronizing & aluminizing gas diffusion coatings may be used in any industry that has a need to minimize erosion and corrosion of metal parts.  VaporKote coatings increase component life and ensure a longer production time with improved cost savings.

With a team that brings over 30 years of experience in boronizing & aluminizing processes, VaporKote provides design, engineering, and metallurgical services to improve the characteristics of customer parts and equipment. VaporKote is ready to serve your specific metal erosion and high temperature corrosion application needs. To ensure maximum coating quality, we do metallurgical analysis and certify the diffusion coatings of processed parts. VaporKote adheres to ASTM, ASME, SAE, API and other engineering codes and practices.

Trusted by Companies Worldwide, VaporKote Offers:

● Complete turnkey pump repair services
● Machine shop capabilities to handle large components
● Multiple high temperature diffusion coating furnaces (up to 25’ long)
● In-House Lab for coating analysis
● Small batch run testing services
● Customer-driven solutions

When you are ready to solve your metal erosion or corrosion problems, VaporKote has the boronizing & aluminizing solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you drive down costs and bring new efficiencies to your operation.